You can improve your brand and business using Logo Mats

Logo mats may be an alternative you hadn’t considered if your company’s image needs a boost. These entry mats come in a range of shapes and sizes, as well as a variety of materials, ranging from coir to rubber-backed, and may be customized to include your brand while also matching the color scheme of your business. Whether you buy or rent your entry mats, logo mats offer a variety of benefits to your business that go beyond simply being something to put on the floor – some of which may surprise you!

The mats are appropriate for most high-traffic areas, including entrances.

Ideal for use at the following locations:

• Hospital

• Construction of an apartment complex

• Lobby of a hotel

• Entrances to offices

• Retail establishments

• Malls

• Exhibit areas

• Restaurants

• Clubs

What Are Some of the Benefits of Having a Logo Mat?

When it comes to logo mats, you can expect a bevy of advantages that make investing in a brand over unbranded mats well worth it.

Of course, branded commercial entrance mats have all of the benefits of unbranded commercial entrance mats, such as the ability to trap dirt and water, preventing grime and moisture from being tracked all over your floors. This increases security while also cutting cleaning costs. However, there are other benefits as well.

Here are a couple of such examples:

Increasing brand visibility and recognition

Custom logo rug is a vital aspect of establishing a visual identity for your company. Visitors who pass through your door give off a fantastic (not to mention incredibly professional) image, whether they’re consumers in your retail store, guests at your hotel or entertainment venue, or prospective clients or employees visiting your company’s headquarters or branch offices.

Visitors are significantly more likely to remember your brand after they’ve left if they see sophisticated custom mats on their way in and out of your door. They also contribute to that all-important first impression.

Increasing the visibility of your brand

With trademark entrance mats, anyone crossing your doorway will be greeted more warmly than with unbranded mats. So, during the design phase, why not incorporate a clear welcome message for visitors?

Because you can match the color and design of your logo entrance mats to both your brand and the décor of your premises, you can expect a personalized, professional look that blends in perfectly with the surroundings.

The degree of hygiene and cleanliness in the office will be improved by using office floor mats.

Most commercially available floor mats have been reported to capture up to 80% of dirt or other contaminants brought within. Their special structure traps dirt particles, ensuring that your floors are kept clean. Naturally, this is only a temporary solution until the cleaning company arrives and vacuums the entire space.

Employees who work in a tidy environment are more likely to be productive.

Because a tidy, professional, and clean office says a lot about the firm, there is an evident link between productivity and office cleanliness levels. Your goal is for your staff to feel secure, healthy, and driven. One way to accomplish this is by keeping your workplace clean and cozy. Annual sick leave is estimated to cost over $200 billion. Due to the present pandemic, we might anticipate that this figure is even greater. Keeping your office clean and free of germs might so benefit your employees’ general health. Antibacterial floor mats that gather bacteria from shoes are available. Disinfectant mats are ubiquitous these days, and we’re all familiar with them. Disinfectant liquid can be poured over them to help prevent the transmission of viruses and other hazardous bacteria. Furthermore, staff will be less stressed and equally productive if you design your offices for wellbeing and maintain a high degree of cleanliness.

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